Ep 84: The truth about Aaron Hernandez

Everyone knows the headlines. Everyone thinks they know the story. The college national champ becomes a Super Bowl champ. The most dynamic tight end in the NFL playing alongside the most dominant tight end with the greatest QB and coach of all time. What could go wrong?

That is where episode 84 pulls back the curtains to reveal a more complete version of the story. Moonlighter Jonathan Hernandez joins the podcast to share about his career and his new book The Truth About Aaron. Timmy and Jonathan explore the ins and outs of growing up with a pretty normal childhood, Aaron’s personal struggles and Jonathan’s own success as a football player and coach.

The Hernandez brothers grew up in Connecticut and had a very typical relationship. They were best friends, playing sports and games in the neighborhood, even playing on the same high school team for one year; Jonathan as the senior quarterback and Aaron as 13-year-old freshman playing varsity. From there, Jonathan shares how their stories diverge. His story took him to play for Randy Edsall at UConn, where he eventually teamed up with Moonlighter Tyler Lorenzen, and later coaching at Brown, Miami, and the University of Iowa. Aaron’s path took him to the University of Florida with Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, and Joe Haden before being drafted by New England and ending in tragedy

Many of our listeners will really enjoy the perspective that Jonathan shares on his time with the Hawkeyes and the special relationship he forged with Greg Davis. In light of the circumstances of Aaron’s trial overlapping with his time at Iowa, Jonathan shares his deep respect for Coach Kirk Ferentz and how the culture and support of the Hawkeye program helped him carry through a very dark time.

Episode 84 is a must listen for all sports fans and The Truth About Aaron will captivate any reader. Be sure to check out Timmy’s interview with Moonlighter Jonathan Hernandez

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