Ep 65: The Great Joe Carter

“You know, I did hit more than one home run in my career”

Every kid has played the scenario out in the backyard... 

Bottom of the 9th, two outs… go ahead run at the plate… the pitcher winds up and…

Joe Carter lived it. Game 6 of the World Series and Joe Carter knocked a 2-2 pitch into history. One of only two World Series walk-offs in history. This episode starts with an in-depth look at that amazing moment and looks at Joe’s amazing career. Almost 400 homers and 1500 RBIs highlight a professional career with two World Series rings on top of a college career at Wichita State that included a national player of the year award and ended with being the 2nd pick in the 1981 spring draft.

Joe’s career was built on his faith and hard work. He played near the top of the highest level on a great team. This is a great listen for any guy who grew up playing ball, loves the stories about big leaguers, or wonder what it takes. A terrific storyteller, Joe talks at length about the moments that surrounded his two rings.

Joe lived the moment that every little leaguer dreams of. Not just a game on the line, but a world championship and he rose to the occasion. This week, Tim dissects that moment as well as Joe’s impressive career, faith, the Strike of ‘94, and a homer off of fellow Moonlighter, Iowa State University’s Dave Flattery. 

As a former Iowa Cub, this pod brings Joe Carter all the way back to his major league career started, a conversation in West Des Moines, IA