Ep 70: Des Moines's Mr. Movie- Mike Woody

                                   How do you become a movie critic? Beg.

The countdown is on as Des Moines’s favorite movie critic, Mr. Movie (Mike Woody) sits down with Tim and Tom to discuss sports, movies, and sports movies. Mr. Movie brings his 32 years of expertise into the studio to talk about what makes Field of Dreams great as well sharing his top ten sports movies.

                                   Is Field of Dreams a Baseball Movie?

Total Field of Dreams nut Tim and movie expert Mr. Movie breakdown the film, soundtrack, acting, and elements of how the baseball, father-son story, and Iowa-ness of the film. Whether you’ve seen it a thousand times or haven’t seen it in years, this discussion will have you driving to Family Video or searching it out online.

                                                  Which is peak Costner?

Mike Woody is a regular guest on the Murph and Andy Show on 1460 KXNO and helps Iowans know what to watch. This interview shows his passion for sports as well as his ability to breakdown what makes a movie ‘work’. Mr. Movie himself shares his top ten sports movies (complete with 11 movies) as do amatuer movie critics, Tim and Tom. After checking out our lists, be sure to let us know what movies we got wrong or what we left out. You’ll never guess what Timmy has for #1.

Full disclosure… Cindy Crawford and Nikki Taylor are not in Necessary Roughness - the female placekicker is Kathy Ireland! Not a great moment for the Moonlight Graham Show research team.