Ep 98: Paige Lowary on her comeback journey

You’re damn right you’re a Moonlighter

Our Moonlighter in Episode 98 shows why “you play ball like a girl” is one helluva compliment. Paige Lowary is an Iowa product that has played softball on the largest stage. Paige is notable for not only her amazing performance on the field but also for one of the scariest moments you’ll ever see. Paige is an Iowa native and graduated from Dallas Center-Grimes High School before going to school at Missouri and then Oklahoma and being the #1 overall draft pick by the Chicago Bandits.

Paige started playing softball in youth tournaments and traveling teams before taking Iowa high school softball by storm starting in 8th grade. She was the ace for DCG for 5 years and signed with Missouri before she could drive a car. Paige’s high school career ended with back to back state titles and she shares that playing in front of the crowds at Harlan Rogers in Fort Dodge helped prepare her for SEC softball. In her two years at Missouri, Lowary had established herself as one of the top pitchers in the country, even earning SEC Freshmen of the Year honors.

I do not remember one second of it...

Paige’s softball career took an unbelievable turn when Oregon’s leadoff hitter lined a pitch off of her left eye. Paige stayed in the game in spite of the injury and even started the next game a few days later unaware of just how bad her injury was. In the interview, Paige shares how that injury started her down a path that led to transferring Oklahoma and several months to fully recover.

Though Paige is among the most decorated athletes we have had on the podcast, her journey is what makes her a Moonlighter. Paige went from being helped off of the dirt against Oregon to being at the bottom of the doggy pile after winning the College World Series for Oklahoma. Paige has taken her experiences with injury, recovery, and understanding the mental side of competition and confidence to become a terrific role model for young female athletes.

Enjoy this week’s interview with Moonlighter Paige Lowary and be sure to check out the video of the interview on our YouTube channel.

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