Ep 117: The highs and lows of CyHawk week


So you’re indoctrinating your child

As the Hawkeyes and Cyclones put the finishing touches on their game prep, Tim and Big Ben sit down in the studio to give you the best and worst of the CyHawk Week. From the parties to the (now legal) gambling, our resident Cyclone and Hawkeye experts share what they think makes this week so special. The trash talk is already flowing and with two really solid teams this year, there is a lot on the line. 

And I was not the only one sleeping in that field

ESPN College GameDay is coming to Ames and that is just throwing gasoline on the fire. There are only about 130 miles between the two campuses and both fanbases have proud tailgating cultures. Students, alums, and fans of all stripes will be rolling into Ames bright and early on Saturday morning.  With as much as our state is known for wrestling or the success our college basketball teams may have, nothing compares to the CyHawk football game. However, it isn’t all fun and games… there is always a little tension with CyHawk Week.

$#!? I’m at the party with hummus and veggie trays

The trash talk and the tailgating can add up faster than the gambling debts sometimes. With so much energy going into the week, there can be some burnout. Partying all day on Saturday does not come with an extra day off. That means that you will have to power through your hangover and show up to work on Monday to face the trash talk - which can be merciless if your team loses. 

This week will definitely be full of highs and lows for Hawks and Clones alike. Enjoy the hype this week and make sure that when kickoff rolls around you haven’t talked too much trash (or gotten too trashed) to enjoy this week’s CyHawk game.

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