Ep 86: The Armless Archer

“Archery doesn’t care about that. As long as you can aim a bow, that’s all that matters.”

Episode 86 is where the Moonlight Graham Show finally hits its mark. Matt Stutzman joins the podcast this week to tell one of the most incredible sports stories you’ll ever hear. Matt and Tim explore a totally normal upbringing in smalltown Iowa. Matt grew up a competitor. He loved every sport; volleyball, soccer, basketball... any game that he could get in on. Like any kid, Brian would play with his brothers and sisters in the driveway, pretending their soccer match was in the World Cup or he was about to take the 3-pointer to win a title. The only difference, Matt Stutzman was born without arms. This week’s Moonlighter is a nationally ranked, Paralympic medalist archer, known as the Armless Archer.

I’m blessed...I have very good eye-foot coordination.

Matt Stutzman tells his incredible story about finding a way to compete in every sport, including dribbling a basketball until his shoulder was bleeding. Competing with his siblings and growing up with parents who allowed him to face life without prosthetics or modifications. He explored his passions from basketball to bull riding, but that whatever it takes attitude has taken him to the top of his sport and an Olympic silver medal.

I’m going to figure this out. I’m going to make it happen.

Matt didn’t actually take up archery until 2009. He was looking for a way to provide for his family and so he went out into the woods with a bow and arrow and brought home dinner. Bow hunting led him to try competitive archery. Just a few years later, Matt was in the London for the 2012 Paralympics. Now, Matt is hoping to compete able-bodied archers in the 2020 Olympics.

Enjoy this week’s interview with the Armless Archer Matt Stutzman. This episode is a can’t miss!

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