Ep 87: Actor Dwier Brown- "If you build it..."

If you record it, he will come.

Episode 87 takes the podcast back to our Field of Dreams roots as we get to visit with actor Dwier Brown about the film and the power of a game of catch. Recently, Dwier came back to Iowa, just like his Field of Dreams character John Kinsella, but this time, instead of a catch, he sat down for a conversation with Tim and the Moonlight Graham Show.

Dwier Brown grew up in smalltown Ohio and moved to Chicago and LA to chase his dreams. His acting career is a unique Moonlight Graham story of its own. Dwier has been a role player in many well-known tv shows and films, including House, CSI, and Criminal Minds (a total of 59 credits on IMDB!).

In this interview, Tim and Dwier explore the behind the scenes notes and insights that make Field of Dreams so special. Everything from working with the cast, the cast and crew bowling team, filming in Dyersville, and nearly 30 years of hindsight on one of the greatest sports movies of all time. Perhaps the most revealing moment is when Dwier shares what it was like for the cast to watch the film for the first time and fully realizing how special the film really was.

Dwier Brown is also an author. His 2014 book If You Build It… A Book About Fathers, Fate and Field of Dreams tells the story of his relationship with his own father and the stories that Field of Dreams fans have shared with him over the last few decades. The character John Kinsella has taken on a life of its own for Dwier Brown. In addition to being approached by fans in public places, including a hot spring, Dwier’s own father passed away just a month before he went to Iowa to play a father coming back from the dead to play catch with his son.

The Moonlight Graham Show has always been about finding great sports stories and very often that leads to amazing stories about teammates, friendships, and family relationships. This week’s episode really focuses on the nexus of sports and relationships.

Enjoy this week’s episode and then be sure to send the link on to your father.

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