Ep 73: The Return of the Fort Dodge Gypsum Eaters

                                            If you tweet it, they will come…

How does a January tweet from a baseball club across the ocean end up in West Des Moines in April? The baseball gods work in mysterious ways and this week on the podcast, the Field of Dreams comes to life.

In episode 73 Tim tells the story of how the Kent Buccaneers, a baseball team made up of Englishmen, Scots, and Irishmen sent out a tweet looking for opponents to play in August in Dyersville, IA. Somehow that tweet comes across Tim’s phone in April. And like Ray Kinsella himself, Tim was on a mission to get ready for a baseball game.

Listen in as Tim describes the process of building a team to play the Buccaneers. This won’t be some ragtag crew that the UK and Irish team will face. This team represents Iowa baseball history, the Moonlight Graham Show, and the core of what the Field of Dreams was all about.

The team name and history is a great story itself. Brendan Gargano showed off his creative and researching skills in creating a logo that represents an actual 1904 minor league baseball team, the Fort Dodge Gypsum Eaters. Tim showed off his GM skills by bringing together a team of his brothers, Dad, cousins, and uncles. The most amazing part of the story is where the movie, the real Archie Moonlight Graham and the Gypsum Eaters all intersect!

Episode 73 also includes an interview with the skipper of the Buccaneers, Jon Carter. Jon took some time to talk to Tim about the traveling team from the UK and Ireland and how this trek to Dyersville came about.

Twelve of the finest Flattery men that Fort Dodge has to offer will dress out in custom jerseys and caps to play the Kent Buccaneers on August 21st on the Field of Dreams field in Dyersville. Be sure to follow the Moonlight Graham Show this week for more info about the game and how you can purchase some authentic Fort Dodge Gypsum Eaters gear.