Ep 75: The game that we played at the Field of Dreams

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The Moonlight Graham Show started as a discussion between brothers and has reached a high point with the Fort Dodge Gypsum Eaters coming to life in the form of the Flattery lineup. Ranging in age from 68-19, the Flattery men came together in Dyersville, IA to take on the Kent Buccaneers. Just like in the movie, the game was about far more than baseball.

From the moment they walked out of the corn, the Gypsum Eaters were ready to play (with only one practice and an hour at the Dyersville Beckman batting cage). Even the ump behind the plate was an actual Field of Dreams ghost player. The Gypsum Eaters didn’t show any signs of rust. The Flatterys came out hot and played solid game against the Bucs. Both teams played their full line ups and really took in the experience of playing the Field of Dreams. The Gypsum Eaters came out on top, 17-0, but the night was much bigger than the game.

Tim shares a surreal moment in which he took the mound, looked around the field to see his dad at first, brothers in the outfield, and uncles and cousins in the field. Each Flattery got the chance to take the field and a part of creating an awesome family memory. Episode 75 is really what the Moonlight Graham Show is all about. Sports are bigger than scores and highlights. Sports bring people together and bring out the best in all of us.

                                                                                                                                            “We all connected because of the game of baseball”

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